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Blue Derby Foundation

The Blue Derby Foundation was established to serve the interests of the community of Derby and the surrounding areas


The Blue Derby Foundation is an independent charity formed to support the development of our local community and businesses whilst raising funds to maintain the Blue Derby Trail Network.

The larger goal in the creation of the Foundation is to give local folk a say as to what happens with the network and to serve as a safeguard for the preservation of the authenticity and heritage of the Derby township and surrounding precinct. 

It aims to assist with the ongoing growth and development of Derby and the surrounding townships and maintain the pre-eminence of Derby as Australia’s mountain bike town.

In mid-2022 Dorset Council handed over the operations of Blue Derby to the Foundation while the local Council would continue to manage the construction and ongoing maintenance of the trails themselves.

Membership of the Blue Derby Foundation includes anyone with a “connection to derby” – residents, local businesses and their employees. The Board of Directors are all volunteers and they are responsible for the Blue Derby brand, merchandise, partnerships, fundraising, day-to-day management of the network and spearheading community projects around town.  

The Foundation raises money to support trail maintenance, influences decisions around planning for new trails and infrastructure, organises and supports volunteer trail crews and promotes all manner of events from larger competition rides to local town hall dances and festivals. 

The Foundation also conducts vital research amongst riders and other visitors, local residents and businesses to better inform our advocacy and decision making  as we work towards a sustainable future for Australia’s mountain bike town.

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