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Surrounding Areas


Get your boots on the ground and out into the countryside to explore some nearby towns.

Scottsdale is a charming town built in 1850 that overlooks the blue mountains and rolling hillsides that surround it.

It’s where poppies, potatoes and forestry blooms. 

Here you can shop for all your service needs, visit Little Rivers Brewery, take a walk or a ride along the Rail Trail or climb Mt Stronach.

In the summertime Scottsdale’s Aquatic Centre and Water Park is a must do and totally free. 

The world-renowned Bridestowe Lavender Farm is a short 15km West of Scottsdale.

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Scottsdale aquatic centre water park and slides website
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Are white beaches, wildflowers, coastal reserves and world-glass golf courses built into towing dunes sounding more you?

Bridport is worth a visit. 

You’ll notice the shimmering blue waters of Anderson Bay the moment you drive in. 

It’s home to the world class Barnbougle Dunes and Lost Farm public golf courses and premium restaurants.

The ambiance of the town is the many shops, cafes and restaurants sideline to the bay.

Children can play on the large Adventure Playground, in the skate park or basketball courts.

Not to mention swimming or fishing in the many coves along the foreshore. 

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Gladstone is the gateway town to the smaller coastal areas such as Ansons Bay, Musselroe Bay and Eddystone Point – your footprint will be the only one to see for miles. 

Moorina is known for its gem stoning prospects in the Weld River, this experience is both serene and fulfilling. 

Winnaleah, just five minutes from Derby, is a farming community with a large and free RV Parking site – here you can sprawl out with space and wander up the pub when you’re hungry. 

See the magnificent hand sculpted tree carvings of World War One soldiers in Legerwood.

There are 25 statues depict the fallen men they were planted for in 1918 its both incredible and chilling to read their stories. 

Pioneer is home to a sprawling fresh water lake, it’s a bit of a four wheel drive in but great for swimming, fishing or letting your pooch run free. 

Branxholm has a great array of amenities, and your closest IGA supermarket to Derby. There is a campground for non-powered sites only, a pub, café, Italian restaurant and more. 

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